Hi welcome to my blog, I decided to create a blog to document the process I have been through since discovering a lump in my left breast and the processes I have been through as I know I have been searching the internet for information on what goes on in the whole process and although there are some very useful and informative documents made available out there,  I wanted a more personalised approach.  I am very aware that everyones story is different and no two people can be treated the same, but I have found that more and more people I speak to have been affected by some form of cancer and amongst my friends I am amazed how many people have been affected at some point with breast cancer.  This is a disease that affects so many people.

I am 37 years old, so still considered quite young for this, so when I mention ages this is what I am going on 🙂  (I might be 37 but my motto is act your shoe size not your age!)

I am just wanting to document my story in the hope that it can prove useful to someone going through a similar process.

Grassy boobs!


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