I discovered the lump by pure chance on Friday 20th July, I had been out socialising with a couple of friends and had come home, gone to bed and was just preparing to go to sleep when I turned over and immediately felt an uncomfortable ache in my left breast. It felt tender and I couldnt understand why, it was almost like a boob ache I get just before my period, but I knew it wasnt that time. I immediately reached to my breast and was shocked to feel a very obvious lump at the top of my breast. I think what shocked me most was how obvious it felt, why hadnt I felt or spotted it before? It felt like a sloping peak shape, not exactly round, it felt hard and wasnt moving very much.

Immediately I started googling about breast lumps and read that most benign lumps are soft and squishy and can move, so my heart sank. But as I read different articles to late into the night I knew that it was likely to be nothing serious, perhaps a cyst or fatty lump but already my head had started whizzing into the worst case scenario, could it be the BIG C?

I cant say I slept that well that night, but I needed to sleep so eventually drifted off.

The next day, it was almost like it was a dream, I woke up and had momentarily forgotten about it all, I reached to my boob and yes it was still there. I think I did have a little cry then, but I had to get up, I had lots to do that day.


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