Post Breast Clinic Bruises

The day after the breast clinic I felt ok and not too sore but the bruising was coming up good and proper.

I always bruise easily so expected it to get pretty colourful and I wasn’t disappointed lol. My boob went black, purple, yellow, green lol! All very pretty and while it looked horrible and tender it wasn’t painful at all.



The lump itself swelled up quite a lot, and changed shape a bit, I guess a part of me wanted it to go down now that it had been pierced and some fluid had come out of it.

Gradually the bruising started to fade, the lump remained raised but wasn’t overly tender and over the next two weeks did slowly go down to its original shape.

Throughout this time I was pretty confident all would be ok, I was still convinced I would get the all clear, yes the odd moments popped in my head when I thought what if it does come back as being cancerous but I’d think I was being silly!

I told a few more friends and one friend told me that she had found a lump when she was in her early twenties, almost immediately she was told it was cancerous and she was booked in within a few days to have it removed so that confirmed my thinking that if it was any chance that it was cancerous, that they would have contacted me and I would have had it out by now.

Still I had to wait for the results…


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