Pre-Op Appointment 11/09/12

On Tuesday 11th September I had my pre-op appointment, I was looking forward to this as I knew I could ask the questions that I needed to know as I wasn’t sure about a lot of things.

The Breast Care nurse was the same lady I had seen when I got my results and she was lovely, she was so nice and genuinely caring and I got the feeling she may have been through it all herself?

We talked about the operation and procedures and I asked how long before I could drive and she said it was at least 24hrs because of the anaesthetic then after that it was up to me, I had to make sure the seat belt didn’t feel sore across my boob and that I had good arm movement and could move the wheel without pain and if necessary do a emergency stop and swerve. She said some people didn’t drive for a week.

I then asked about general time off, she said that again that was up to me, she said some people take the full two weeks off from the surgery to getting their results, this shocked me, I couldn’t take two weeks off!! She said most people normally take a week off, do that felt a lot better to me, so that’s what I have decided to do.

We spoke about the effects of the anaesthetic and as I have never had any surgery before its all unknown to me lol. I should be allowed out in the evening as I am in for day surgery and am having the op in the afternoon, so early evening should be about right for me to go home if all goes well.

I had to be weighed, hmmmm not good. Heavier than I had expected, so need to go on a major diet after this! Then I had to go have an X-ray which was over in seconds, then it was a blood test. I am a little bit strange in that I find blood tests fascinating and love watching the vial fill with blood ๐Ÿ™‚ muhahahaha that’s it my secret is out I am a vampire ๐Ÿ™‚

Right that’s it pretty much….

My op is tomorrow so I think I am up to date with all that’s gone on so far…


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