Today’s the day 14/09/12

Well it’s today, I feel ok at the moment, not too nervous, am currently watching the last Chris Moyles Radio 1 Breakfast show on the Red Button, so very glad I can watch this as its very funny and emotional.

I slept ok, apart from waking up at 3am and wondering where Lily was, she had got off the bed and was in her bed on the floor… Harrumph… I need pooch cuddles….. But no she was sulking because I’d left at her at mums as I was away with work and seeing Di. But when mum came in at 6am to let the dogs out and 5 mins later there was a whirlwind and this whoosh came flying in the bed room and on the bed and down under the covers! Hmmmm so I am good enough now hey!!!!

Another harrumph I’m bloody starving and I can’t eat as Nil by Mouth and my stomach is rumbling big time, far more than usual as I don’t eat breakfast most days so what’s going on!!!

Hmmmm think it’s time to drag this lazy butt out of bed and into the shower 🙂

Laters peeps xx


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