What I remember from yesterday :-)

Well I had written most of this and then my little niece got her hands on my iPad and boom….. She’d deleted my post 😦

So time to start again 🙂

After a long time of waiting in the Day surgery waiting room, I finally got allocated a bed so was taken down to my room, which was like was like a rabbit warren, god help me trying to get back out of there 🙂

After parking my behind on the bed and mum sitting in the chair we chatted for quite a long time and I was getting a little bored, as was mum I am sure. Finally a nurse came in and handed me a gown and the very sexy socks 🙂 These are a pain in the neck to get on, I looked like Nora Batty lol. So I looked such a stunner in my gown, lucky pants and sexy socks…. Don’t worry I have no photos 🙂

After that it was another long wait until the nurse came to take my blood pressure, then another wait, this was when the nerves started to kick in, I didn’t feel too nervous but just wanted to get on with it.

Before long I had a visit from two lovely anaesthetist nurses, they got my bed into trolley mode and I said a quick goodbye to mum and whizzed off to the anaesthetic room. I was fascinated with what was all around me. I tried to peek into the operating theatre but couldn’t see much. I’m so nosey lol.

I had a local anaesthetic in my wrist for the cannula to be fitted, that was a bit weird watching that go in, yes I like to watch all of that 🙂 Then after this all sorts of things were put into it, I remember feeling fuzzy headed as they fitted the ECG monitor things and that must have been it, I was out for the count. I believe this must have been just after 4pm.

I woke up feeling really cold and disorientated, a very nice nurse was there to talk to me and calm me down, I remember shaking like a leaf so they put 4 blankets on me and then they told me that I had a reaction to the blue dye (Blue Patent V) and they had to give me an antihistamine injection while I was in theatre. I then felt like my feet were itchy and kept scratching so the nurse checked my feet and said I had hives on them…. Nice! Quite a few of the nurses came over to take a look as its quite rare to react to it, apparently I was the 2nd person in the last 3 weeks to react and they hadn’t had anyone in 6 years react. Luckily the other woman apparently came out in blue hives, mine weren’t that bad, mine were normal looking 🙂

After a while I started to feel less cold and feel a little more with it, so I was allowed back to the ward, where mum was sat there reading, I thought she had gone home and was going to be coming in late but she had decided to stay and went into the car park to charge her phone in the car.

I know I was pretty groggy for a while but managed to show mum my spotty legs and arms and took a look at my boob, the wound line was a bit longer than I had expected but I still haven’t been able to see the wound line in the armpit where I had the sentinel node biopsy. I was amused to see I had a blue nipple and surrounding area 🙂

After an hour or so the nurse came to see me and took my blood pressure which was ok and she said she would be back to check it again before I could be discharged. Sometime later a different nurse came in and said she was told I was dressed and ready to go, I said no I was waiting for another blood pressure check, so she took it and all was ok. She checked my dressings and said the wide local excision looked fine and the sentinel lymph node biopsy did have a pool of blood in the dressing but to change and she would check it later. She said it would either get absorbed or would find a crease to leak out of but not to worry about it unless it got a lot worse.

So I got changed, note to anyone else, not a good idea to change into a T Shirt, take a shirt that buttons up at the front 🙂

After I was dressed the dressing was checked and it was given the all clear, then I needed to have my cannula removed, I was fine as this was removed but as I was sat there listening to her talk to mum, I suddenly felt really woozy, I looked at mum but thought don’t say anything as they’ll keep me in….. Then it happened again so I spoke up and mum noticed so they told me to sit in the chair and the nurse handed me the oxygen mask. As soon as I had this on, I felt better.

Mum told the nurse she would bring the car to the front so I didn’t have so far to walk, so I was told to stay there with the oxygen on until mum got back. Before long mum came back so I was allowed to take the mask off and then I made a break for freedom 🙂

Because it was now after 9 a lot of the doors were now locked so we had a job to get out! Oh the relief of finally getting into the car was untrue 🙂 I was more worried about staying in than anything I think.

Once I got home, Ron had put the oven on and put the pasta in, I could have eaten a scabby horse I was that hungry! When we did sit down to eat, I felt so much better but at the same time it felt like tiredness and everything hit me like a ton of bricks and I just wanted to go to bed.

Before long I was heading up to bed, I didn’t feel to bad, my throat was a little sore but that was about it. I rang Di and had a lovely sleepy chat to her, I could tell how worried she had been,mwhich was very sweet and made me feel very cherished.

I cannot get over the amount of support and texts, messages that I have received over the past few weeks, it has really humbled me and I am eternally grateful for all of the love and support that I have had, especially from my family, Di, my closest friends and my other friends from college mates to facebook friends I have never met. I am soooo grateful 🙂 Thank you xxxxxxxxxxx



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