Sensations after surgery

It’s been a couple of days after my surgery now and I wanted to write about the various sensations or lack of sensations that I am going through. I was told after surgery that my armpit and upper arm (underside) would be numb and would feel like you’d been to the dentist when you can feel it but at the same time, you can’t and that is a very good way to describe the feeling in my armpit and arm right now.

Initially after the blue dye, some parts of my body did stain blue, around my nipple, some of my tummy and I didn’t see anywhere else, but as my body reacted to it and I found my first allergy lol, I knew it travelled around my body as my feet were swollen and purplish, my hands and arms were raised and blotchy and my eyelids had a blue tinge to them, both mum and a nurse said it looked like I had blue eye shadow on šŸ™‚

After two days most of the dye had disappeared and yes your wee does go blue, I didn’t have blue number twos that I was told could happen šŸ˜‰

One side affect that is very strange and slightly unnerving is the build up of seroma, this is a natural process of bodily fluid that builds up in the area of surgery, either where the lump was removed or the lymph nodes removed. I first noticed this on Sunday, as I started to go up the stairs I could hear a swishing/swooshing noise, like a bottle of water sloshing around. It confused the hell out of me to start with and then I realised it was my boob! I can assure you this feels very strange but is quite normal apparently. Having read about this, the body will naturally absorb most of this over the next month onwards, but some people do get a build up and a pressure point so need it to be drained but I haven’t noticed anything like that yet.

I have noticed today that some parts of my armpit and side of boob are tingling and sometimes I get a pricking sensation in my boob, I am guessing this is all part of the healing process and it’s coming back to life. Sometimes it is like an injection so. It nice but the majority of it is just a strange tingling sensation.

All in all I feel ok, I think I feel more tired today than anything else, so am taking it easy but it feels strange trying to rest, I want to be doing things, so blogging helps šŸ™‚ xx


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