Plasters off

I had been told that 5 days after surgery I could remove my clear plaster/dressings and I couldn’t wait, the one in my armpit was getting a little sore as the blood that had pooled in there had dried and was chafing a bit.

Initially I had decided to wait until Weds evening to have a bath and soak it off but as per usual I am impatient so did it Weds morning. It felt lovely lying in the bath and before long I was pulling at the plasters easing the edges up. I was amazed how strong they were, not like plasters at all. So I took my time, easing a bit at a time.

Eventually I got the one in my arm pit off and took a lot of time washing the blood away gently and finally I could see the actual scar for the first time and I was impressed how neat it was, it was a little longer than I’d expected as I thought it would be a couple of centimetres but it’s more like an inch… I think?

I then turned my attention to the plaster on my boob, this was harder to get off and took some time. Eventually I got it all off apart from the centre that was directly above the scar. So I let it soak and took my time then started. I have to admit I started feeling queasy at this point as the sensation across the scar was odd. Plus it did open in a few places, more so where the edges hadn’t sealed together as well above the stitches but finally I got it off. I just led there for a bit as I felt light headed.

After a while I started to clean around the scar and try to remove the sticky residue from the plaster. This stuff is not easy to remove as I’m hardly going to scrub hard!

After a while I got out the bath and the sensations in both scars was weird, this was when it hit home how protected they had been under the plaster and now it was up to me to look after them.

It sounds daft but this rattled me a bit, it’s amazing how protected they are with the plasters, it stops the skin pulling, keeps the right shape and nothing can get onto/into it. I felt a bit vulnerable then.

I put a normal plaster over the scar in my armpit as I knew that my bra could rub that area but left the other scar uncovered.

I took lily for a walk for her morning business and my boob felt more sensitive and it was really distracting.

Throughout the day I was a lot more aware of my boob and I felt drained both emotionally and physically.

I am sleeping a lot at the moment and tire very easily, I don’t like feeling like this to be honest as I feel weak and I don’t like that feeling.


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