My first day without a NaNa Nap

I am proud to announce that yesterday was my first day without a “NaNa Nap” 🙂 For those of you who do not know what a NaNa Nap it is, do you remember going to stay with your grandparents or old relatives and at various points during the day they would randomly fall asleep for short periods of time. Well that’s what I call a NaNa Nap and since my surgery I was having numerous nana naps throughout the day. I’d be feeling fine then it felt like someone had pulled the power cable out.

I had cut it down to one nana nap a day but yesterday I managed a whole day and a bloody long one at that. Ok I had the incentive of a day of Return To The Forbidden Planet which gives me a real buzz and natural high anyway.

I was a little worried about the 2.5hr journey but it was an easy journey and I felt fine. The show (well both performances) were amazing, I was sat right at the front so got the full blast of sound and vision and I loved it. Every cast member put 1000% into the show and I clapped, cheered, whooped, whistled throughout the show. (Luckily I was sat next to fellow Planet fans so they didn’t mind)

After the shows I caught up with my Planet Family 🙂 These are my planet friends that I’ve met over the years and they can be fellow fans, current or past cast members. The planet cast members that I have got to know over the years are one of the best, friendliest, down to earth lovely people you could possibly meet. I have the utmost respect for them and because most of them love the show as much as I do they love being in the show as much as I love watching it.

You may wonder what this has to do with my recovery etc but having a goal to set yourself is a massive healer. My goal was to see Planet as often as I could during its run at Hornchurch. I won 3-1 so am happy with that I only lost one performance as I had a migraine the day after being told I had Breast Cancer but nothing stopped me seeing the other performances and I’m thrilled about that.

Planet means a lot to me and its helped me twice now through difficult times, so it had better come on again soon 🙂

Big love to JM and PT and FR for yesterday xxx


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