So I have a few days away to chill and relax and take my mind off everything ready for my appointment tomorrow (Friday 28th) morning.

So I get home about 5:45pm on Thursday evening and start unloading from the car. On one trip I notice the answer machine is flashing, now I don’t get many calls on my landline so it’s rare to see anything flashing on it.

So I press the button and I have two messages, both from my surgeon/consultant’s office to say that they were having to cancel my appointment on Friday please could I ring them before 3pm. I don’t know what date this was, so shocked I listened to the next message and it was the same lady asking me to call her before 2pm. Again I don’t know when this came in, so I quickly tried calling but I got the answer phone.

I can honestly say I felt absolutely gutted, I literally felt like everything I had been waiting for, my countdown to Friday was like a milestone. Now I felt like the carpet had been pulled out from me.

I literally broke down and sobbed, I think this was only the second time I had felt like this throughout the whole process. The other was after being told my lump was cancerous.

I had a good cry, felt incredibly angry for about 30 mins. Then I calmed down and started organising stuff for the fundraiser tomorrow night. That’s kept me busy most of the evening till 11pm and now I’m really tired and feeling a bit flat.

So tomorrow I’ve arranged a fundraiser in a local bar, the theme is Think Pink and I am asking people to wear Pink and donate a pound. We will hold a raffle, an auction as we’ve had two items donated that are too big to be raffle prizes! A signed authentic Madonna Photo with two film negatives and a hot air ballon flight 🙂

So I am seriously hoping to raise a lot of money for Breast Cancer Care and Cancer Research UK.

Fingers crossed!!


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