Think Pink Friday Fundraiser

As soon as I was told my lump was cancerous, I knew I needed something to distract myself so I turn to something that I know I can do and something that is good for others.

So I thought I’d plan a fundraising event, I have organised one before and another with some friends so I contacted my local gay venues that I support to see if I could host a fundraiser at both venues for Breast Cancer Care and Cancer Research UK. Both said yes and one offered to donate the proceedings from their already planned event to the two charities of my choice.

So we chose the weekend, the 28/29th September. The club Embassy had already booked a Pink Tribute Act to perform so the pink theme was ideal so I came up with the Slogan Think Pink. The gay bar in Gloucester were due to hold their Felicia Factor Final on the night and they agreed we could fundraise on the same night which was good.

Sadly a week before the 29th Embassy had a change of event management and the Love Team I was working with no longer had the option of hosting events there so we had to pull the event so now all efforts were going on fundraising on the Friday night.

Luckily a friend had already donated a lovely framed photograph of Madonna with two genuine film negatives that was a real gem and I had managed to wrangle a Hot Air Balloon flight out of my mums fiancé via his business. So I felt confident that we stood a good chance of raising a decent amount.

As it turned out I was meant to get my results on the Friday morning so I knew that I may have good or bad news and that I may struggle with my emotions in the evening, but as it turned out my appointment was cancelled and put back by a week, so in some ways this was good news, but I took it quite badly as I had built myself up for the results and as a result got upset and ended up with a migraine on Friday.

At the start of the evening I was dashing to the loos to be sick, I wasnt sure I would last the night, but I felt I had to keep going, as I had to make sure the raffle took place, the auction went ahead and the pin badges got sold.  Luckily after a couple of hours I started to feel better, which was a huge relief!  I managed to keep some lemonade down so was full steam ahead!

On the night we raised £386 which will be split between the two charities and there is more to come in, we are using Just Giving to raise money and using the text donation service which is so easy its amazing!

A massive thanks to The Westgate in Gloucester, Miss Felicia and the Westgate Staff, the GGG Girls and a special thanks to Angie for helping sell stuff while I was not feeling well!  Plus a special mention to Lynn by GGG Events Team member for her very pink support during the night!  🙂 xx

The Think Pink Fundraiser with Miss Felicia on stage

The Think Pink Fundraiser with Miss Felicia on stage

The links are: and so please do donate to both if you can or text GGGB98 £1 to 70070 and text GGGC99 to 70070 to donate via text.  You can put any amount in pounds if you wish to give more than a pound 😀

Now that the event is over, I do feel a little bit lost as to what to think about next, so will have to put my thinking cap on as I would like to do something for Stand Up To Cancer ( so watch this space!!!


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