Frustrated with waiting

So my results appointment last Friday got cancelled, I think anyone who’s reading my posts will have spotted that by now, I think I’ve hidden my frustration well….. Pffft yeah right lol.

It’s driving me a leeetle bit crazier as each days draaaags on. I just want to know…

I don’t particularly care if its chemo or radiotherapy as I am part expecting that and am preparing for those results as I’m the kind of person who deals far better with things when I know it’s happening.

What I’m really crap at is not knowing what’s happening or where I stand. I’m the same with everything… Work, relationships, friendships, family etc.

I know it’s wishing away the week but HURRY UP!!!

Oh one good thing about today is its 2 months to the day that I met my lovely Di who has been my rock throughout all of this. I know 2 months may not seem very much but it’s the happiest 2 months relationship wise I’ve been in a very very very long time 🙂 Thank you baby xxxxx


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