Three weeks on

Well it’s three weeks since my surgery and I get my results today. I’m glad it’s finally here as the waiting is the worst bit of this whole process.

Ok I haven’t put any photos of the operation scars so far and I think it’s important that I do as I was looking the other night for images of lumpectomy scars to see if mine looked ok and thank god they did 🙂

So here goes, I’ve tried to show as little of me as I can as I don’t want you losing your breakfast/lunch or tea 🙂

This is the lumpectomy scar, my boob is still a little bruised but I think that’s more from this week and stupidly wearing an ill fitting bra on Monday. I don’t know for sure if it was this as I can’t remember if there was much bruising before. I know I still had bruising around the nipple so god knows. Lol

The area where the lump was is a little swollen and I can tell is full of fluid. Seroma I think it’s called…. May need to edit this later to get my facts straight 😄

Generally my boob is feeling tender and swollen this week, more so than before so glad I’m seeing the consultant today so she can check it.


This is the scar in my armpit. This scar healed really well and very quickly but it’s this area that’s caused the most discomfort. I wouldn’t say pain, it’s more discomfort. Whether its because you use that area more movement wise and it is in the crease of your arm which doesn’t help.

The wierdest sensation is still the numb armpit and bingo wings lol. I still have the pins and needles sensation going on. I’ll find out how long that goes on for.

Hmmm an hour till my results… Ok nerves are kicking in now.

I’ll write later with details on my results! Laters xx


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