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You know when you get a balloon in your hands and the overwhelming urge to dig your nails in and pop it just washes over you…… no???  You dont…. ok its just me then 🙂   Well if you can imagine a water bomb balloon thats filled to the brim ready to burst, well thats a bit like what my boob feels like right now.  Ok I know its not going to burst but the swelling is there and the hole where the lump was has filled with Seroma and it feels like it has caused the rest of the breast to swell as well.  The Surgeon saw it on Friday just gone and said that they would drain it all when I have the op on Thursday and I shall be very relieved to have that gone, as it is making my boob very tender and hyper sensitive.

I found I was very wary about being knocked when I was out on Friday night, I had a bit of a boogie and it wasnt very comfortable.  I didnt like the sensation so wedged my arm into my boob which helped and just tamed my dancing down to a mere sway lol.   So thats the end of my breakdancing for a while!




I brought some of those Belivia Bras from JML the other day and they are a godsend, they are very comfortable but also give great support, as I found normal bras rubbed on my scar where the lymph nodes were taken out.  Ok they dont look very sexy but do I care… pffft nope!  Comfort all the way right now 🙂

Well thats my little offload for now, I just want to get to Thursday and get the Op over and done with!

Ta-Ra for now chooks! xx



One thought on “Give us a Pin!

  1. Love reading your posts Amanda 🙂 Good luck for tomorrow, will be thinking of you, as always please let me know if you need anything at all, I’m 2 seconds away!! Big hugs brave one xxx

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