Flat as a pancake


This is only going to be a short one as even though part of me wants to keep it hush how I am feeling, I realised that when I started this blog, I needed to document all of the emotions and processes and when you are having low days then I need to mention it too.

I think I mentioned in my last post that directly after surgery and coming round I was on a bit of a high and then felt low afterwards, well the low feeling hasn’t really shifted. I feel pretty deflated right now, and although I don’t exactly have anything in particular to feel low about, I just do. I am hoping it will shift today as I am off to see Sister Act, the musical in Birmingham and a lovely friend of mine is in it and I’m hoping to see her afterwards.

I’ve seen the show before and loved it so my sister and I decided to give each other show tickets for our birthday presents (we are twins!) so I suggested sister act, as I know Lavinia wanted to see it when I went on my own before. So we booked it in April and now it’s finally here. I’m hoping it gives me the lift I need as I don’t like feeling like this.

I feel like I need to cry but can’t, part of me doesn’t want to, as I’m scared of I do, I won’t stop and will end up with a migraine. I know that there are bound to be good and bad days along this journey, but I am determined not to let the bad days occur very often…..

Be gone I say 🙂



One thought on “Flat as a pancake

  1. Enjoy the show and the time with your sister. I kept it together pretty well when I was at the point in my diagnosis/treatment that you are, but one day I just cried all day off and on. There was no stopping it. I felt loads lighter after wards. You have to feel what you are feeling.

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