Dont worry I am not about to do a skit from Father Ted, I wish I could as it was very funny, but the title of this blog is due to findout what type of chemo I will be given whenever I start.

So I will be on FEC which is named after the initials of the chemotherapy drugs used, which are:

I had my appointment with the Oncologist on Weds evening and being the good time keepers that we are, we got there early as the appointment was 6:15pm so both Di and Mum were able to make it which was good as I wanted them both to hear what the Oncologist had to say, as its hard to take in a lot of the information when you are the patient and as I believe that Mum and Di are going to be directly affected its important for them to hear whats happening first hand, as it is difficult to pass on everything as your brain in like a goldfish or a Blue Tang Fish.Dory

So we arrive on time and get told there is at least an hour and a half wait to see the Oncologist! Hmmmmm we could have got some tea after all!
I wont bore you with the wait, but eventually we got to see the Oncologist and she went through all the information I needed, most of which I already knew to be honest as I had done a lot of reading but it was useful to know what chemo treatment I would be getting.  She said I would get further info from the Chemo Nurse and I should get a call with an appointment date within a week, if I didnt then I should ring her secretary.
I think the appointment was useful to both Mum and Di, but I was hoping to get a date for my chemo really, but just have to be a patient patient 🙂 xx
(I started writing this last week and got writers block and its taken me over a week to finish it, by which time I have now written another post too! – DOH!)

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