Getting Close Now

Well I rang on Tuesday to speak to my Oncologists Secretary as she had told me that I should hear within a week when my appointment with the Chemo Nurse would be so I did and was told that my appointment was this Friday!  She then told me that I had two appointments on Friday, one to see my Consultant and one to see the Chemo Nurse and then she said, I can see they have also scheduled in your chemo appt for Monday. I asked if she meant this coming Monday and she said Yes.  I nearly fell off my chair.  I had expected to have to wait another week or two.



I have to admit I felt shocked, even though I really wanted to start the treatment, this short notice was unexpected and I had to try and sort out work and getting to my appointment.  Luckily work were really understanding as I had said I thought I had at least another week at work before anything happened, they were very understanding and said that I can do some work from home when I feel up to it, I can do what I want when I can, I have a project to work on that doesnt need customer input, so thats good, I can just plug away when my brain is in gear.

I quickly messaged my Mum and Di to let them know and also check that Mum was free for both dates, everyone was surprised at the Chemo starting on Monday and I am still trying to sort out transport etc.

Up until today (Thurs 8th) I have not had any form of communication from the NHS or Hospital about my appointments on Friday but have just had two final reminder texts that just says the date and time of my appointments not where or who I am seeing, so I am so glad I rang and asked otherwise I would have been up shit creek without a paddle!

I have been busy reading up on information about the chemo and hair loss, there is a special unit in Cheltenham Hospital for Cancer Patients to help offer advice and tips with hair loss etc. So I want to pop in there and see them tomorrow as they suggest seeing them before starting your chemo and tomorrow is the only time I have got to pop in there.

I admit I am getting nervous now, I’m glad to have my appointment and be able to roughly plan my treatment dates, I presume they wont be doing treatments on the 24th Dec so guess I will get put back a week but that takes it to New Years Eve, so who knows what will happen around those times, but I guess its not going to be party time for me!

I am going to try staying at Mums for the time immediately after my treatment and then hope to come home when I feel up to it.  Time will tell how it goes I guess.  All I know is that chemo effects people in different ways, there is no set reaction to it, so I am going to give it my best shot to be one of those who doesnt suffer much 🙂




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