Edward Scissorhands

Last night my head was tingling and itching like a good un and it was driving me crazy. My hair didn’t feel like my own, it felt dead but up until tonight was still firmly attached.

Today wasn’t so bad so I decided not to shave my hair off. Well I did until I noticed it was starting to come out. I ran my hand through my hair and about 6 hairs came out. So I then proceeded to pull at various areas around my head and in certain places 5 or 6 hairs came away easily, others needed a firmer pull but seeing this hair in my hands had an unexpected result on me.

I cried…. I really didn’t expect to get upset about it, I knew it was coming and wanted to see the process but now it didn’t feel nice at all. I spent the next half an hour pulling various areas looking for more weak spots. Obviously I found some but other areas were firmly attached so it hurt pulling them.

I told Di what I was going to do, I think she wanted me to wait a few more days so that she could do it for me but she understood I’m impatient and just wanted to do it.

Soo I stood in the bathroom with the clippers in hand and 10 mins later its all off. I am not sure what grade it is, a 2 or a 3? It feels more manageable now, I can’t pull it and when it falls out easily it will just be short little hairs.

So I swept it up and said goodbye:


I’m really sleepy now so will write more tmw xx


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