Baldilocks and the no hairs

Well today I finally took it all off. I am now an official baked bean head 🙂

I was starting to get bald patches in my hair and even though it was only a few mm’s long I was still able to pull it out. I found I was doing it without thinking and it became a bit of a distraction. So this morning I clipped it as low as it could go then used my razor to take the rest off.

I can’t say razoring it off was particularly nice, it hurt a bit so god knows why people do it out of choice. I don’t know if I will need to do it again but I am hoping that’s it now. The dark hair at the back of my head didn’t seem to be very loose, where as the top came out no problem. So I would probably end up with a patch of hair at the back of my head, would that be classed as a mullet lol.

I sat in the bath with the shower on, slowly razoring it all off, it took a while so probably looked like a prune when I came out 🙂

I have moisturised and polished my head so it’s gleaming nicely, ready for the rubbing I am sure it is going to get lol.

None of this has upset me, the initial feeling of the hair coming out did upset me, actually seeing it come out was wierd but I controlled this side of things and its felt better. Must mean I am a control freak ha ha.

So when I look in the mirror I keep wanting to sing an Albert Finney song from Annie….. Together again… Like birds of a feather… Do doo do doo

I now have Winnie the wig but will only wear her for certain occasions, if I’m going somewhere with people who know me they will know what’s happening so will only wear it for do’s when I just want to blend in and be normal for the time lol. Normal isn’t me that’s for sure lol xx



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