Neutropenia 1 Me 0

I had my blood tests on Friday to find out how I was doing and if I was ok for my second chemo treatment (tomorrow/Monday) and I was gutted to learn that my white blood cell count was too low, aka neutropenia.

I was advised to come back on Monday morning early, have my blood test taken again and see if its improved. If not then my chemo treatment will get put back.

The Dr advised I take it easy over the weekend, stay indoors, avoid anyone with coughs & colds and avoid public places.

BOOM there goes my weekend plans with Di. 😦 Gutted! I walked out of the hospital and got into the car and burst into tears. I was so looking forward to seeing Di, we had planned on going shopping in Birmingham, a family meal on Saturday and I also had my best friends sons 8th birthday on Sunday late afternoon.

All of that had to be scrapped 😦 I couldn’t go to Di’s as her son had a cold, she couldn’t come to me in case she had her sons cold. I couldn’t go to Harrison’s party as a load of kids and family would probably be a cold/germ haven.

So I took the decision to isolate myself for the whole weekend. I kept myself busy Friday evening and Saturday daytime. Saturday was a making soup bonanza. I made chicken & vegetable, roasted vegetable and cream of mushroom soup. I had a good dollop of each and thought they tasted yummy.

But afterwards I thought that my taste buds are shot to pieces, what may found good to me may be disgusting to normal people lol. No one else has had a chance to try it yet thank god.

Saturday evening I admit I struggled, I knew Di had her family coming round and I knew she would have a blast with them as they are a very entertaining family 🙂

I watched tv but couldn’t settle, I felt stir crazy!

Sunday I woke with yet another headache. A tight band around my head. I got up and pottered and soon felt worse and was sick a few times so went back to bed.

A few hours later I felt a bit better so tried my chicken & veg soup. That stayed down so I rested up and then packed to go to mums in case my treatment went ahead.

I called in to drop Harrison’s birthday present off and found that hard as I stayed in the hallway and waved through the door at the family but didn’t go in so Reece, Sarah & Harrison came into the hallway. It was lovely to see them, I got a bit upset talking about the weekend and tmw. They were lovely, I couldn’t ask for better friends, they rock!

I didn’t stay long so came on over to mums where I’ll stay for a few days if my treatment goes ahead.

I admit to finding this weekend hard, it’s the first time I have had to miss out on something that’s hit home so much how even though I have felt ok pretty much my immune system is shot to pieces and I need to be more careful.

Ok lesson learnt, but please let my treatment go ahead else this weekends isolation will have been in vain xx


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