Neutropenia 1 Me 1

Well after my last post I was waiting to see if my white blood cell count would come up enough on Monday after a re-test to be able to get my 2nd Chemo treatment, so after a weekend of isolation and keeping myself to myself in my flat and feeling pretty miserable I might add lol!  But it worked!

Apparantly my white blood cell count was only just acceptable, but I had my 2nd treatment on Monday and so far the new anti sickness pills that they gave me have done the trick. I havent been sick at all so far, the pills I was given are called “Emend” which is an “aprepitant” which apparantly blocks the nausea and vomiting signals from the brain to the stomach.  Well fair play its worked so far, I had my last tablet yesterday which lasts 24hrs so at 2pm today it should have worn off and then we will see what happens!

I had a long day on Monday as I had to arrive earlier than planned to get my blood test re-done, this was done very quickly but then I had to wait about 4 hours until I actually got my chemo treatment and about 2.5hrs of that was waiting to see if the blood tests were ok.  For some reason I was taken to the Private Wards to have my chemo, which was nice as I had a private room, a tv and a nurse all to myself.  Apparantly if they have any space they try to take some patients from the normal system to speed things up so I think I was just lucky that day.  It did make the process go a bit easier being able to watch tv and chat to the nurse.

Since then I havent really done very much, today is my first day of actually getting up and being dressed rather than lounging in my pjs.  I think I have scared a few people with my balding head, so if I hear someone coming, I try to cover up, but there has been times when I havent had a chance lol.

In all Tuesday wasnt a bad day in health terms, I was up and about most of the day, I did have stomach cramps and diahorrea for a short time, but thats hasnt come back thank god.  Weds I did feel pretty nauseaous for most of the day, it would come in waves and some stronger than others.  Sometimes eating or drinking would make it go away and other times it would make it feel worse.

Alot of people warned me about having a metallic taste in my mouth, I dont think I have had that yet, but I have lost a lot of the taste when eating or drinking, everything tastes bland or not what I thought it would taste like.  I made a whole load of soups at the weekend and I flavoured them to match my taste, but god knows what it will actually taste like for someone with normal taste 😛

Its flipping cold out, so my poor little baked bean head is feeling it a bit, woolly hats all the way for me I think!   Its my works Christmas party tomorrow night, it will be strange seeing everyone as I havent seen them in a month and I will be going as a baked bean head, I could wear my wig, but I am not sure about it, if Di can make it, then I may feel more confident wearing it, as I need help getting it to look right, if she cant make it then I will wear a bandana and hope it looks ok.  I am sure it will get a few good meaning slaps along the evening 🙂

Well thats it for now, cant think of anything else to write 🙂


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