Catching up

Ok so I haven’t kept my blog updated recently, the last you heard from me was I was in hospital after my temperature rose and my teeth ache got a lot worse.

Well basically I ended up being in hospital for 5 days and although I have the utmost respect for the Drs and Nurses that work there, I had a miserable time in there, I really struggled with it at times. So many ill people around me, all suffering with some form of cancer and at various stages of treatment.

I felt like a healthy spring chicken in comparison to the rest of my inmates, the majority were 30+ years older than me and some of them were going through a really tough time as a result of chemo or radiotherapy. A lot of them were being sick alot and also suffering from the runs and as they were not up to getting to the toilet just outside the ward, then this would mean the comode would be called in and they would go by their bed. I found this hard as my sense of smell has increased BIG TIME since the chemo started and my gag reflex is very strong, so I had a real job not to be sick a lot of the time and felt queasy and uncomfortable a lot of the time. I am also aware that I was on some strong antibiotics which made me feel sick too, but the whole combination made me want to escape and many a night was spent hatching up elaborate and unrealistic methods of escaping!

The positives that I learnt from my time in hospital is that I was lucky compared to some of those women, you could tell some of them didn’t have a positive future ahead of them, one poor lady still didn’t know where her cancer was, they could tell she had cancer but couldn’t trace the source and it was taking her down fast. I could imagine she was a tall, strong active woman when she was healthy, but in a few weeks she had been reduced to a shell, who couldn’t get out of bed and could only just manage a whisper.

Another lady who was my rock in there, had secondary cancer after going through breast cancer 6 years ago and had the all clear. All of a sudden she started getting headaches and pains in her head, so she went to the dr and after a while they discovered the cancer had got into her spine and had gone up into her head, it had travelled to her hip and I’m sure there was somewhere else. She was having daily radiotherapy when I was there and some days she was having 3 doses on the same day, she was so brave, it made her very very sick but she was always smiling and was so sweet to me, she made my day easier by chatting to me and I only hope I helped her too. She went home a day or two before me so I hope she is doing ok. I wish I had got her address so I could stay in touch.

Well after 5 days I was told I could go home, I was advised that I would have to have my bottom wisdom teeth out and that once my white cell count was above 1 then I could have the op. Apparently when I went in to hospital my white cell count was 0…. Oops! By the time I left it was 0.7 and by the following Monday after being at home it was 1.75 so luckily it shot up quickly.

My consultant came to see me when I was in hospital and she mentioned about getting a district nurse out to give me an injection a few days after my chemo to boost my white cell count, it sounded like I should have had it after my last treatment, but it didn’t happen, so hopefully it will happen this time.

My 3rd chemo was due on Christmas Eve but this got cancelled due to my teeth. So I was released from hospital (for good behaviour) on the 21st. (At one point I was starting to worry I’d be in hospital for Christmas)

Since then I have had my two bottom wisdom teeth out on New Years Eve, so no partying for me! And my chemo has been postponed until the 4th Jan (today) so I have my appt with the Dr at 12:50 and chemo at 2:45 but knowing how things go, it will be a lot of delays and waiting around!

So that’s brought you up to speed so apologies for the delay in updating the blog :-).

Toddle pip for now 🙂 xx


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