Radiotherapy planning

Well radiotherapy planning has been planned, I had my ct scan and now have black pen marks all over my chest and boobs lol. The whole process didn’t take very long and was easy enough. I had to chat to the trials nurse and sign the paperwork to say I consented to take part in the relevant trials. There are various options that I can opt out of, such as a family history questionnaire, a photograph of my breasts at various stages of the treatment, permission for my tissue samples to be tested etc and a few more I’ve forgotten about.

I agreed to them all as I want to try and take part in all of it if it means things can get better for other people and things can change and progress.

The ct scan was interesting… Bloody cold room to be led down with your top off and boobs out! I had to lie down with me knees up, and my arms up above my head and they stuck sticky tape all over my chest and boobs, I think the tape had little strips in them from what I could see. Then they drew on me with a marker pen. Then they vanished into a little room and I got moved into the scanner, the scanner whirred around me and I was moved backwards and forwards a few times then the scanner started spinning really fast around me. I was fascinated if I’m being honest I kept thinking about the stargate tv series and hoped to be whisked off to some exotic planet lol.

After all this, they removed the strips and made more marks, then made the permanent marks but I am not too sure how they did this. I tried looking and just saw what looked like a pin in her hand.

After this wash done I could get up and get dressed and go home.

I felt emotionally drained afterwards, I admit to being a bit nervous about today and even more so about tomorrow I’m scared it won’t take place or they won’t be able to find a vein, that it will hurt and I’ll get upset.

Aggghhh time will tell xx


One thought on “Radiotherapy planning

  1. The tape stuck on you has special markers that show up on the CT scan. They help with the planning of your treatment. The permanent marks are tattoos made with ink and yes a needle. They are used to help set you up for your daily treatment. Best of luck xx

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