Thats not me!

Hi, I have been meaning to write for a long time to say that I am still here and doing well.  So apologies for dropping off the face of the earth.

I have been prompted into writing tonight after my face was plastered over an online article about gay women suffering from discrimination during breast cancer treatment and they have used my photo without my permission.   I am happy to raise awareness for Breast cancer in anyway that I can, but I do not want it said or implied that I faced discrimination because of my sexuality as I genuinely don’t remember it being an issue.

My partner at the time, lived about an hour away, so she wasn’t able to be there at the majority of my treatments or come and see me when I was in hospital.  So I cant comment on what it would have been like for my girlfriend to visit me, I don’t think I was asked about a boyfriend during my stay, certainly not by the staff, possibly by the patients in my ward, but then the majority were two generations older than me, and I understand that they have very different views on sexuality as that is how they are raised and I am not going to ask someone I don’t know to accept my sexuality and be ok with it if it is not what they feel.

The nurses and Drs at the hospitals were fine with me, I didn’t hide my sexuality.  I may have referred to my “partner” rather than just saying my girlfriend, but I don’t feel its something that needs ramming down everyones throat.  If I am asked directly then yes I would say I have/had a girlfriend.

ah well… rant over!    (during my rant and several tweets and postings later – the photo has been changed!)


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