Neutropenia is a stronger force

Well I know I haven’t written for a while but I was going to write about the wisdom teeth pain I’ve been having. Last treatment my wisdom teeth hurt a little bit but this time it’s been a lot worse, it’s been a chronic pain for 4 days and I’ve been taking paracetamol like they’re sweets.

I came home from Di’s yesterday and felt really cold, so I went to bed and still couldn’t warm up so I had a nice hot bath. That felt amazing but I felt a bit dizzy afterwards so went back to bed. After a while I got too hot so took my temperature and it was 39 so I rang the chemo helpline and they said to come in.

So I had to ring my mum to ask if she could take me in. This was around 9pm and by the time we got in it was 10pm. A friend of the family had also come in and she looked awful so was a bit shocking.

I had my bloods taken after about an hour and had to wait about 3hrs before the doctor came to see me. I felt rough as a badgers bum, my teeth were killing me and they couldn’t give me anything.

My temp had come down to 37.5 so a lot better. I thought I’d be ok then.

Around 1am I was told I would have to stay in as my white cell count was so low. I was gutted as I wasn’t expecting it.

Around 2am I got taken up to the ward and there was some emergency going on so nurses were running left right and centre so I was shown to my bed and then had to wait 40mins before they came to check my vitals. My temp was still low and they gave me some painkillers so eventually I settled in to try to sleep.

Hmmm that didn’t last long, snoring, coughing, footsteps and talking kept me awake most of the night. They woke one lady at 5 and then the rest at 6.

A few hours later I finally got some painkillers as my teeth were killing me. I’ve had antibiotics (on my second dose now) and have been on a saline drip for the past 4 hours.

The doctor examined me and checked my teeth, she’s going to refer me to the dental team so they can see what’s happening with my teeth. They mentioned X-rays but I’m still waiting to hear on that.

So I may be in for a few days, I’m not sure. The nurse said its likely while my neutropenia is still low I will have to stay in.

I’m hoping to be out in time for sat, as I’ve organised a Christmas Party and will be gutted if I have to miss it 😦