Neutropenia 1 Me 1

Well after my last post I was waiting to see if my white blood cell count would come up enough on Monday after a re-test to be able to get my 2nd Chemo treatment, so after a weekend of isolation and keeping myself to myself in my flat and feeling pretty miserable I might add lol!  But it worked!

Apparantly my white blood cell count was only just acceptable, but I had my 2nd treatment on Monday and so far the new anti sickness pills that they gave me have done the trick. I havent been sick at all so far, the pills I was given are called “Emend” which is an “aprepitant” which apparantly blocks the nausea and vomiting signals from the brain to the stomach.  Well fair play its worked so far, I had my last tablet yesterday which lasts 24hrs so at 2pm today it should have worn off and then we will see what happens!

I had a long day on Monday as I had to arrive earlier than planned to get my blood test re-done, this was done very quickly but then I had to wait about 4 hours until I actually got my chemo treatment and about 2.5hrs of that was waiting to see if the blood tests were ok.  For some reason I was taken to the Private Wards to have my chemo, which was nice as I had a private room, a tv and a nurse all to myself.  Apparantly if they have any space they try to take some patients from the normal system to speed things up so I think I was just lucky that day.  It did make the process go a bit easier being able to watch tv and chat to the nurse.

Since then I havent really done very much, today is my first day of actually getting up and being dressed rather than lounging in my pjs.  I think I have scared a few people with my balding head, so if I hear someone coming, I try to cover up, but there has been times when I havent had a chance lol.

In all Tuesday wasnt a bad day in health terms, I was up and about most of the day, I did have stomach cramps and diahorrea for a short time, but thats hasnt come back thank god.  Weds I did feel pretty nauseaous for most of the day, it would come in waves and some stronger than others.  Sometimes eating or drinking would make it go away and other times it would make it feel worse.

Alot of people warned me about having a metallic taste in my mouth, I dont think I have had that yet, but I have lost a lot of the taste when eating or drinking, everything tastes bland or not what I thought it would taste like.  I made a whole load of soups at the weekend and I flavoured them to match my taste, but god knows what it will actually taste like for someone with normal taste 😛

Its flipping cold out, so my poor little baked bean head is feeling it a bit, woolly hats all the way for me I think!   Its my works Christmas party tomorrow night, it will be strange seeing everyone as I havent seen them in a month and I will be going as a baked bean head, I could wear my wig, but I am not sure about it, if Di can make it, then I may feel more confident wearing it, as I need help getting it to look right, if she cant make it then I will wear a bandana and hope it looks ok.  I am sure it will get a few good meaning slaps along the evening 🙂

Well thats it for now, cant think of anything else to write 🙂


Baldilocks and the no hairs

Well today I finally took it all off. I am now an official baked bean head 🙂

I was starting to get bald patches in my hair and even though it was only a few mm’s long I was still able to pull it out. I found I was doing it without thinking and it became a bit of a distraction. So this morning I clipped it as low as it could go then used my razor to take the rest off.

I can’t say razoring it off was particularly nice, it hurt a bit so god knows why people do it out of choice. I don’t know if I will need to do it again but I am hoping that’s it now. The dark hair at the back of my head didn’t seem to be very loose, where as the top came out no problem. So I would probably end up with a patch of hair at the back of my head, would that be classed as a mullet lol.

I sat in the bath with the shower on, slowly razoring it all off, it took a while so probably looked like a prune when I came out 🙂

I have moisturised and polished my head so it’s gleaming nicely, ready for the rubbing I am sure it is going to get lol.

None of this has upset me, the initial feeling of the hair coming out did upset me, actually seeing it come out was wierd but I controlled this side of things and its felt better. Must mean I am a control freak ha ha.

So when I look in the mirror I keep wanting to sing an Albert Finney song from Annie….. Together again… Like birds of a feather… Do doo do doo

I now have Winnie the wig but will only wear her for certain occasions, if I’m going somewhere with people who know me they will know what’s happening so will only wear it for do’s when I just want to blend in and be normal for the time lol. Normal isn’t me that’s for sure lol xx


Edward Scissorhands

Last night my head was tingling and itching like a good un and it was driving me crazy. My hair didn’t feel like my own, it felt dead but up until tonight was still firmly attached.

Today wasn’t so bad so I decided not to shave my hair off. Well I did until I noticed it was starting to come out. I ran my hand through my hair and about 6 hairs came out. So I then proceeded to pull at various areas around my head and in certain places 5 or 6 hairs came away easily, others needed a firmer pull but seeing this hair in my hands had an unexpected result on me.

I cried…. I really didn’t expect to get upset about it, I knew it was coming and wanted to see the process but now it didn’t feel nice at all. I spent the next half an hour pulling various areas looking for more weak spots. Obviously I found some but other areas were firmly attached so it hurt pulling them.

I told Di what I was going to do, I think she wanted me to wait a few more days so that she could do it for me but she understood I’m impatient and just wanted to do it.

Soo I stood in the bathroom with the clippers in hand and 10 mins later its all off. I am not sure what grade it is, a 2 or a 3? It feels more manageable now, I can’t pull it and when it falls out easily it will just be short little hairs.

So I swept it up and said goodbye:


I’m really sleepy now so will write more tmw xx


Well I’m now well into my second week after treatment and this week is my most vulnerable apparently as my white blood cells will be at their lowest so I’m at most risk of catching an infection so am supposed to avoid people with coughs and colds etc. hmmmm that’s hard when you have hospital appointments and funerals to go to!

Well after a rough few days this week the last few days have been easier. Friday last week and the weekend felt good, I was relieved to feel ok then as it made me think its just 4 days of feeling like its hit me and the rest I can cope with.

I have started noticing little side effects such as:

Sore Mouth – It feels like I’ve burnt the roof of my mouth, I have that rough sensation on the top of my mouth and it has spread around my mouth. Where my wisdom teeth poke through a bit at the back have got quite sore too. A good mouth wash (alcohol free) helps with this.

Not sleeping – I have found it hard to sleep on a few occasions, my body felt like it was on fire, I was so hot and twitchy that I was up and down like a yo yo for three nights on the trot. My mind would race and my imagination was running wild. I found if I watched tv before bed my imagination would carry on the film in my head, not always in a nice way lol. My imagination is frickin wierd 🙂

My arm where the chemo went in has been really sore since Friday, it feels like the vein in my arm is really sore and hurts if I lean on my arm. I remember the nurse saying one of the drugs is really harsh on the veins so guess its that. I guess that poor vein/artery is in for a real bashing! 😦

Hair – well it’s still there, but it’s changing. It’s prickly and feels like I’ve used a strong shampoo that makes your scalp tingle. It’s not behaving and won’t style as I’m used to and feels flat.

I feel like I have a cold but am not sure if I actually have a cold or it’s the side effects as I know I was warned it made you feel like you had the flu/bad cold. Time will tell I guess 🙂

Well that’s it on side effects that I can think of, they’re not too bad, I can cope with these. 🙂

Yesterday I went for a wig fitting and after being undecided about having one or not I did end up buying one. It’s very realistic and I couldn’t get one to match my usual style as my hairstyle is too short but this one is close enough 🙂 I’ll add a photo in a bit as the one I took yesterday wasn’t very good 🙂

Well that’s all folks! Have a nice day! 😉